What Are Organic Search Results and Why Are They Important?


At A1 websites, we provide a wide range of strategies optimising our clients SEO, resulting in organic search results. While Google ads are great and have their place when it comes to sales online, organic results are always going to be a better pay off in the long run. Here’s why.

Organic search results represent the unpaid content appearing for the search term being used, when using search engines such as google online. It is essentially all of the results which are not sponsored, usually found below the first few results which are paid per click using google ads.

Paid per click results such as google ads are great for driving sales, fast. However you stop paying for these, and instantly they disappear, along with your conversions.

Organic results will always be seemingly more trustworthy over your google ads appearing. I will generally scroll down to the organic results when conducting searches, mainly because they satisfy a general sense of trust I require. I tend to believe they are more likely to have what I am looking for. Maybe because the top results are bought, where the organic results have been established and placed worthily. This is typical for most people picking through their results online. They’re looking for credibility, this is why almost 75% percent of clicks during searches are organic. Having these results will solidify your business’s online presence and reputation.

Organic is long term and here to stay so long as you keep up the maintenance of the search engine optimization “SEO” for your website. Sort of like servicing a car. Investing in organic traffic for your business is essential for consistently growing your sales and clientele, the long term.

SEO is the approach used by developers and online marketing specialists to ensure organic traffic is being achieved, thus increasing the visibility of your website online for relevant queries. Because organic search results are purely algorithmically, a few different factors come into play to achieve good SEO results.

Consistently published, high quality content using relevant keywords is one of the best ways to achieve this. Another important factor, among many, which compliment this is your website’s responsiveness, is this mobile friendly? Will it look good on all platforms? More than half of search engine visits come from mobiles, this is really important to remember. This is only going to increase year by year

The way your website navigates, how it is built and how long it takes to load all matters. Up to 45% of viewers will abandon poorly displayed content on their device being used. Optimising this is all a part of SEO. Link building is also an important factor. Having relevant allied websites and social platforms, linking back to your business. It’s important to manage these ensuring the links exist long term, otherwise this creates adverse affects on your SEO quality. Other areas of website maintenance can do the same thing, impacting your organic search results. Again, think of SEO maintenance and upkeep, like servicing a car.

“Google are particular and obviously only want the most up to date, and relevant websites appearing for their users and what they’re searching for. This ensures the best possible experience when someone is trying to solve something, and find what they are looking for. People searching online have specified needs. Providing the best answer possible is always going to convert to more sales and leads.”

There are always going to be the initial costs of implementing your SEO and servicing this, remembering this is always going to be a better investment than utilising your google ads. The real advantage to investing in organic search results through SEO is the long term cost. Eventually the pay per click on this is going to cost you $0, in an online community of people pushing their business first with pay per click ads. It will push your competitors down the line placing you on top which is essential considering the best place to hide a dead body, is the second page of search results.

Relying on Google Ads long term can be an expensive approach. This is a good quick temporary fix, driving sales fast. Given this is set up and optimised expertly of course. Combining both approaches can achieve great results, catching the market of consumers clicking on ads. However, always keep in mind that your number one investment is going to treat you well when this is concentrated on your business’s online SEO results.