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WordPress Hosting In NZ

WordPress is the world's most popular content management system (CMS), and is so much more than just a simple platform for bloggers. There are literally millions of WordPress websites on the World Wide Web from personal websites and blogs to small, medium and large businesses, and even big-name high traffic companies like Sony Music, MTV News, BBC America and even Beyonce use WordPress.

Web hosting is one of the most important components that make a successful website. Having a quality Web Host for your WordPress site can improve everything from page load times which can affect sales through to your SEO.

Our web hosting servers use the latest versions of software ensuring that your visitors enjoy a the best possible user experience and the fastest page load speeds in New Zealand.

Wordpress Web Hosting

Fast & Reliable Web Hosting For New Zealand Business

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans available from just $25 NZD a month

We use the latest security protocols, daily backups and more to keep your site secure 24/7.
Our hosting services will give your website fast page load speed times, ensuring a great user experience for your customers.
Our system makes a backup copy of your site automatically daily to protect from data loss.